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"NEXt Level Veterinary Medicine"

Nexus – means a connection between members of a group or things in a series; the core, or center; link; bond, a connected group or series (from Latin: a binding together)

Why We're in Veterinary Medicine

At Nexus Veterinary Specialists, we approach veterinary medicine with a focus on compassion, excellence, growth and community.


We are veterinarian-owned, anti-corporate, and uncompromising when it comes to giving your companion the best care available.


Please call anytime to ask a question, set up a consultation or to schedule a visit in our new Multi-Specialty Hospital. Click "About Nexus" to read more about our growing Specialty team. 

Our Core Values

Evolution – Taking things to the “NEXt” level. Nexus will be on the forefront of advanced veterinary care, research (in-vitro, clinical, One Health), and teaching.

Family/Flexibility – A bonded team approach to help each other out, allow for work/life balance and promote furthering of the intellectual mindset of all employees 

Expertise – A connected group of the best veterinary doctors/specialist, technicians, support staff, and administrative staff to provide a patient centered/patient specific approach

Compassion/Collaboration – A bond or link between the pet owner, the general veterinarian, and Nexus doctors to promote compassion with every patient we treat and every client we interact with. 

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